Chart of the Week
October 13, 2021

Chart of the Week 10.13.21

After Bob Iger Stepped Down As CEO, There Has Been An Exodus Of Executives Across Disney

Chart of the Week
September 22, 2021

Chart of the Week 09.22.21

OTT Has Quickly Replaced Linear Networks As The Primary Place To Watch Premium TV Shows

Earnings Recaps
August 16, 2021

Endeavor Group: 2021 Q2 Earnings

Endeavor Is Negotiating With Studios To Ensure Their Clients Participate In All The New Business Models


Earnings Recaps
August 12, 2021

Disney: 2021 Q2 Earnings

Disney Is Releasing Their Next Two Films Exclusively In Theaters After Recent Experiments With Day/Date

Earnings Recaps
August 06, 2021

AMC Networks: 2021 Q2 Earnings

AMC Networks Expects Strong Subscriber Growth Later This Year From Their New Walking Dead Series

Earnings Recaps
August 05, 2021

Lionsgate: 2021 Q2 Earnings

Lionsgate Is Bolstering The Output Agreements At Starz To Complement Their Growing Original Series

Earnings Recaps
August 05, 2021

ViacomCBS: 2021 Q2 Earnings

ViacomCBS Is Renewing Many Key Distribution Agreements By Incorporating Their Streaming Services

Earnings Recaps
August 04, 2021

FOX Corp: 2021 Q2 Earnings

Fox Is Leveraging Tubi To Help Advertisers Reach A Younger Audience That Is Unduplicated From Linear

Earnings Recaps
August 04, 2021

Sinclair: 2021 Q2 Earnings

Sinclair Is Refining Their Go-To-Market Strategy For The Launch Of Their Streaming Service Next Year

Earnings Recaps
August 03, 2021

Discovery: 2021 Q2 Earnings

Discovery+ Delayed Some International Rollouts In Order To Have Their AdLite Product Ready At Launch

Earnings Recaps
June 02, 2021

Endeavor Group: 2021 Q1 Earnings

Endeavor Is Starting To Benefit From The Gradual Reopening Of The Entertainment And Sports Landscape

Earnings Recaps
May 27, 2021

Lionsgate: 2021 Q1 Earnings

Lionsgate Is Increasing Their Content Investments, With A Primary Focus On Programming For Starz

Chart of the Week
May 19, 2021

Chart of the Week 05.19.21

WarnerMedia – Discovery Merger Provides Necessary Scale To Compete In The Streaming Wars

M&A Synopsis
May 17, 2021

Discovery's Merger with WarnerMedia

A brief overview of the Discovery – WarnerMedia merger, including a summary of major talking points and key information from management.

Earnings Recaps
May 13, 2021

Disney: 2021 Q1 Earnings

Disney Is Building Up Their Portfolio Of Live Sports Rights, With A Focus On Multi-Platform Distribution