Chart of the Week
February 10, 2021

Chart of the Week 02.10.21

Even With Streaming Included, Super Bowl Viewership Reached Its Lowest Level In Over A Decade

Earnings Recaps
February 04, 2021

WWE: 2020 Q4 Earnings

WWE Is A First Mover In The Pivot From Niche SVOD To Partnering With A Larger Media Conglomerate

Earnings Recaps
February 04, 2021

Penn Gaming: 2020 Q4 Earnings

Penn Gaming Is Aggressively Using The Barstool Brand To Broaden Their Reach To Younger Demographics

M&A Synopsis
November 19, 2020

Sinclair's Strategic Partnership With Bally's

A brief overview of the Sinclair – Bally's strategic partnership, including a summary of major talking points and key information from management.

Earnings Recaps
October 29, 2020

WWE: 2020 Q3 Earnings

WWE Has Brought In A New Senior Management Team To Develop And Execute On Strategic Initiatives

Chart of the Week
September 16, 2020

Chart of the Week 09.16.20

Online Sports Betting Has Snapped Back With The Simultaneous Return Of Major Sports Leagues

Earnings Recaps
July 30, 2020

WWE: 2020 Q2 Earnings

WWE Has Seen Ratings Decline As Marquee Programs Are Not Quite The Same Without Live Audiences

Chart of the Week
July 22, 2020

Chart of the Week 07.22.20

Many NFL Teams Will Play Without Fans This Year, Which Will Significantly Reduce Local Revenue

Earnings Recaps
April 23, 2020

WWE: 2020 Q1 Earnings

WWE Has Accelerated Cost Reduction Efforts To Ensure They Have Financial Ability To Adapt The Business

Chart of the Week
April 16, 2020

Chart of the Week 04.15.20

Sports Leagues Are Eager To Resume Play Since They Are Highly Dependent On Media Revenues

Chart of the Week
February 12, 2020

Chart of the Week 02.12.20

Over The Past Decade, NBA Team Valuations Have Grown Faster Than Other U.S. Sports Leagues

Earnings Recaps
February 06, 2020

WWE: 2019 Q4 Earnings

WWE Is Contemplating Licensing Their OTT Content, Inclusive Of PPVs, To A Major Media Company

M&A Synopsis
January 29, 2020

Penn National Gaming's Acquisition of Barstool Sports

A brief overview of the Penn National Gaming – Barstool Sports acquisition, including a summary of major talking points and key slides from the management presentation.

Chart of the Week
January 08, 2020

Chart of the Week 01.08.20

NFL Viewership Has Continued To Bounce Back, Cementing Its Importance To Linear Networks

Chart of the Week
December 04, 2019

Chart of the Week 12.04.19

NBA Ratings Have Started To Drop As National Broadcasts Are Tied To Declining Cable Networks

Earnings Recaps
October 31, 2019

WWE: 2019 Q3 Earnings

WWE Network Is In The Middle Of A Transformation To Extend Their Brand As Widely As Possible

Chart of the Week
September 04, 2019

Chart of the Week 09.04.19

The Convenience of Mobile Apps Has Facilitated The Adoption Of Sports Betting In New Jersey

Earnings Recaps
July 25, 2019

WWE: 2019 Q2 Earnings

WWE Has Struggled To Maintain Positive Momentum After Signing Their New Domestic Media Rights Deals

Chart of the Week
July 17, 2019

Chart of the Week 07.17.19

The NFL Playoffs Were By Far The Most Viewed Sporting Events In The First Half Of 2019

M&A Synopsis
May 06, 2019

Sinclair's Acquisition of the Fox RSNs

A summary of Sinclair’s Analyst Call following their acquisition of the FOX RSN’s where they provided more insight into the transaction and strategy.

Earnings Recaps
April 25, 2019

WWE: 2019 Q1 Earnings

WWE Experienced A Sudden Drop In Overall Engagement, Leading To Concerns About Long Term Prospects

Earnings Recaps
February 07, 2019

WWE: 2018 Q4 Earnings

WWE Is Starting To Transform From A Domestic Company Into A Global Entertainment Business

Chart of the Week
February 06, 2019

Chart of the Week 02.06.19

Despite Declining Viewership, Super Bowl Broadcasts Exemplify The Potential Reach Of Linear TV

Earnings Recaps
October 25, 2018

WWE: 2018 Q3 Earnings

WWE Is Focusing On Their International Strategy After Recently Securing New Distribution Deals In The U.S.

Earnings Recaps
July 26, 2018

WWE: 2018 Q2 Earnings

WWE Recently Secured A Significant Increase On Their Domestic Media Rights For Raw And Smackdown

Earnings Recaps
May 03, 2018

WWE: 2018 Q1 Earnings

WWE Has Embraced All Forms Of Distribution To Becomes A Multi-Platform Media Company

Deep Dive Reports
December 20, 2016

Sports Tech Overview

An overview of how professional sports teams and leagues are starting to incorporate technology and analytics into their business and the potential monetization opportunities as this adoption accelerates.