Chart of the Week
October 06, 2021

Chart of the Week 10.06.21

Summer Tentpoles Have Been Important In Reestablishing The Momentum Of Movie Attendance

Chart of the Week
September 08, 2021

Chart of the Week 09.08.21

Summer Films Haven’t Come Close To The Heights Of A Typical Blockbuster Opening Weekend

Earnings Recaps
August 09, 2021

AMC Entertainment: 2021 Q2 Earnings

AMC Entertainment Has Locked In A 45 Day Exclusive Window With Warner Bros. For Their 2022 Film Slate

Earnings Recaps
August 06, 2021

Cinemark: 2021 Q2 Earnings

Cinemark Is Expecting To Return To Positive Cash Flow Generation By The End Of The Year

Chart of the Week
July 28, 2021

Chart of the Week 07.28.21

Recent Blockbusters Have Seen A Significant Drop In Box Office Following The Opening Weekend

Earnings Recaps
July 27, 2021

IMAX: 2021 Q2 Earnings

IMAX Has Leaned Into Local Language Production To Complement Their Focus On Hollywood Tentpoles

Chart of the Week
July 07, 2021

Chart of the Week 07.07.21

Media Companies Are Moving Pay One Output Deals To Their Own Burgeoning DTC Services

Chart of the Week
May 26, 2021

Chart of the Week 05.26.21

The Domestic Box Office Is Gradually Improving In 2021, But Still Pales In Comparison To China

Chart of the Week
May 12, 2021

Chart of the Week 05.12.21

In The Past Year, AMC Entertainment Has Raised Over $1B From At-The-Market Equity Offerings

Earnings Recaps
May 07, 2021

Cinemark: 2021 Q1 Earnings

Cinemark Has Reached Agreements With All Of The Major Studios To Distribute Their Upcoming Films

Earnings Recaps
May 06, 2021

AMC Entertainment: 2021 Q1 Earnings

AMC Entertainment Ownership Has Transformed From Institutional Investors To Individual Retail Investors

Earnings Recaps
April 29, 2021

IMAX: 2021 Q1 Earnings

IMAX Has Benefitted From A Record Chinese New Year Holiday, Even Without Many Hollywood Films

Chart of the Week
April 07, 2021

Chart of the Week 04.07.21

Godzilla vs. Kong  Has Had Early Box Office Success Even Though It Is Also Available On HBO Max

Chart of the Week
March 24, 2021

Chart of the Week 03.24.21

Unlike Other Legacy Media Formats, Younger Audiences Aren’t Leading A Shift Away From Movies

Earnings Recaps
March 10, 2021

AMC Entertainment: 2020 Q4 Earnings

AMC Entertainment Is Transitioning From Survival Mode To Preparation For The Return Of Moviegoers