Earnings Recaps
August 13, 2020

NetEase: 2020 Q2 Earnings

NetEase Signed A New Licensing Deal With UMG That Lets Them Experiment With New Monetization Models

Earnings Recaps
May 19, 2020

NetEase: 2020 Q1 Earnings

NetEase Is Expanding Their Proven IP Through A Diversification Of Genres As Well As Geographies

Earnings Recaps
February 26, 2020

NetEase: 2019 Q4 Earnings

NetEase Plans To Use Their Music Platform To Create Viral Content Across The Chinese Music Industry

Earnings Recaps
November 25, 2019

NetEase: 2019 Q3 Earnings

NetEase Is Slowly Learning How To Create Mobile And PC Games That Appeal To Users Outside Of China

Earnings Recaps
August 07, 2019

NetEase: 2019 Q2 Earnings

NetEase Is Collaborating With Well Established IP Owners To Expand Their Presence Outside Of China

Earnings Recaps
May 14, 2019

NetEase: 2019 Q1 Earnings

NetEase Is Exploring Different Ways To Capitalize On The Recent Focus On Cross Platform Gaming

Deep Dive Reports
October 18, 2018

Esports Landscape - Part 2 - Video Game Publishers

Analysis of the video game industry's shift to digital sales and in-game transactions and its potential impact on the burgeoning Esports sector.