Earnings Recaps
July 30, 2020

Electronic Arts: 2020 Q2 Earnings

EA Has Added Tens Of Millions Players To Their Network, In What Is Usually Their Slowest Time Of The Year

Earnings Recaps
May 05, 2020

Electronic Arts: 2020 Q1 Earnings

EA Recently Signed A Partnership With Google Stadia As They Strive To Be On Every New Platform

Earnings Recaps
January 30, 2020

EA: 2019 Q4 Earnings

EA Is Aggressively Using Subscription Services To Expand Their Player Base And Deepen Engagement

Earnings Recaps
October 29, 2019

EA: 2019 Q3 Earnings

EA Is Leveraging Their Expertise From Ultimate Team To Enhance Live Services In Other Major Franchises

Earnings Recaps
July 30, 2019

EA: 2019 Q2 Earnings

EA Has Been An Early Pioneer In Subscription Services And Recently Launched EA Access On PlayStation 4

Chart of the Week
May 29, 2019

Chart of the Week 05.29.19

After A Successful Launch, Apex Legends Has Seen A Sharp Decline In Viewership And Revenue

Earnings Recaps
May 07, 2019

EA: 2019 Q1 Earnings

EA Is Extending Their Subscription To Additional Platforms As They Look To Bring In New Gamers

Earnings Recaps
February 05, 2019

EA: 2018 Q4 Earnings

EA Is Making Adjustments In Their Strategy After The Poor Performance From Battlefield V

Chart of the Week
January 23, 2019

Chart of the Week 01.23.19

The Rise Of In-Game Transactions Has Been A Major Driver In The Growth Of The Gaming Industry

Earnings Recaps
October 30, 2018

EA: 2018 Q3 Earnings

EA Is Looking To Partner With Smaller Publishers To Build Out The Library For Their Subscription Service

Deep Dive Reports
October 18, 2018

Esports Landscape - Part 2 - Video Game Publishers

Analysis of the video game industry's shift to digital sales and in-game transactions and its potential impact on the burgeoning Esports sector.

Earnings Recaps
July 26, 2018

EA: 2018 Q2 Earnings

EA Is Preparing For The Combination Of Streaming And Subscriptions To Enter The Gaming Industry

Earnings Recaps
May 08, 2018

EA: 2018 Q1 Earnings

EA Has Embraced The Shift To Digital And Is Looking To Change The Way People Access Video Games

Earnings Recaps
January 30, 2018

EA: 2017 Q4 Earnings

The Controversy Around Battlefront II Hurt Sales, But Its Live Service Revenue Exceeded Expectations