Chart of the Week
May 05, 2021

Chart of the Week 05.05.21

Revenue Growth At The Big Tech Companies Is Accelerating Coming Out Of The Pandemic

Earnings Recaps
April 27, 2021

Google: 2021 Q1 Earnings

Google Is Taking Different Approaches To Incorporate Artificial Intelligence Throughout All Their Products

Conference Takeaways
March 04, 2021

Morgan Stanley 2021 TMT Conference

Interviews with Senior Executives at AT&T, Charter, Comcast, Disney, Facebook, Fox, Google, IMAX, Lionsgate, Live Nation, The New York Times, Netflix, SiriusXM, Snapchat, Spotify, Take-Two, Twitter, ViacomCBS, Warner Music Group, Zynga

Earnings Recaps
February 02, 2021

Google: 2020 Q4 Earnings

Google Will Continue To Heavily Rely On Revenue Share Models As They Expand Into New Business Lines

Chart of the Week
January 27, 2021

Chart of the Week 01.27.21

In Its First Decade, ByteDance Surpassed The Early Revenue Growth Of The Domestic Tech Giants

Earnings Recaps
October 29, 2020

Google: 2020 Q3 Earnings

Google Is Facing Increasing Regulatory Scrutiny Over Their Dominant Position In Search Across Platforms

Chart of the Week
September 30, 2020

Chart of the Week 09.30.20

In The Past Year, Each Of The Leading Cloud Providers Have Launched Game Streaming Platforms

Earnings Recaps
July 30, 2020

Google: 2020 Q2 Earnings

Google Advertising Revenue Declined From Last Year, As The Pandemic Has Impacted User Behavior

Earnings Recaps
April 28, 2020

Google: 2020 Q1 Earnings

Google Advertising Revenue Declined In March As Their Largest Customers Swiftly Reduced Their Spending

Conference Takeaways
March 10, 2020

Morgan Stanley 2020 TMT Conference

Interviews with Senior Executives at Altice USA, AT&T, Charter, Comcast, Google, Liberty Media, Lionsgate, Live Nation, The New York Times, Netflix, Roku, SiriusXM, Snapchat, Spotify, Take-Two, Twitter, Verizon, ViacomCBS, Zynga

Earnings Recaps
February 03, 2020

Google: 2019 Q4 Earnings

Google Is Taking Steps To Integrate Their Products And Create A Unified Ecosystem For Their Users

Earnings Recaps
October 28, 2019

Google: 2019 Q3 Earnings

Google Is Evolving From A Company That Helps People Find Answers To One That Helps Get Things Done

Earnings Recaps
July 25, 2019

Google: 2019 Q2 Earnings

Google Is Gradually Moving Towards Transactional Products To Maintain The User Relationship Past Search

Earnings Recaps
April 29, 2019

Google: 2019 Q1 Earnings

Google Is Making Bigger Strides Into The Hardware Business In Order To Better Control Their Software

Chart of the Week
April 17, 2019

Chart of the Week 04.17.19

YouTube Is The Leader In Mobile Consumption, Highlighting The Appeal Of Short-Form Content