Earnings Recaps
October 20, 2021

Chart of the Week 10.20.21

Bird Box Is The Most Watched Film On Netflix Due To Heavy Repeat Viewing In The First Month

Earnings Recaps
October 19, 2021

Netflix: 2021 Q3 Earnings

Netflix Already Made Its First Video Game Acquisition As They Start To Build More Interactive Capabilities

Chart of the Week
September 22, 2021

Chart of the Week 09.22.21

OTT Has Quickly Replaced Linear Networks As The Primary Place To Watch Premium TV Shows

Earnings Recaps
July 20, 2021

Netflix: 2021 Q2 Earnings

Netflix Is Expanding Into Video Games To Provide More Entertainment Options For Their Members

Chart of the Week
June 23, 2021

Chart of the Week 06.23.21

Not Surprisingly, Disney+ Is The OTT Service With The Heaviest Concentration Of Children Viewers

Chart of the Week
May 19, 2021

Chart of the Week 05.19.21

WarnerMedia – Discovery Merger Provides Necessary Scale To Compete In The Streaming Wars

Chart of the Week
April 21, 2021

Chart of the Week 04.21.21

Across All Regions, Netflix Pulled Forward Subscriber Growth As A Result Of The Pandemic

Earnings Recaps
April 01, 2021

Netflix: 2021 Q1 Earnings

Netflix Is Starting To Feel The Impact From The Lengthy Production Delays Over The Course Of 2020

Chart of the Week
March 10, 2021

Chart of the Week 03.10.21

Investors Are Optimistic All Legacy Media Companies Can Make The Transition To Streaming

Conference Takeaways
March 04, 2021

Morgan Stanley 2021 TMT Conference

Interviews with Senior Executives at AT&T, Charter, Comcast, Disney, Facebook, Fox, Google, IMAX, Lionsgate, Live Nation, The New York Times, Netflix, SiriusXM, Snapchat, Spotify, Take-Two, Twitter, ViacomCBS, Warner Music Group, Zynga

Chart of the Week
January 20, 2021

Chart of the Week 01.20.21

Netflix Is Truly A Global Service With The Majority Of Their Net Adds Coming From Outside The US

Earnings Recaps
January 19, 2021

Netflix: 2020 Q4 Earnings

Netflix Has Surpassed Over 200M Global Subscribers As The Pandemic Continues To Pull Forward Growth

Chart of the Week
January 06, 2021

Chart of the Week 01.06.21

There Was A Surge In Viewing Of The Office On Netflix Before It Left The Service On December 31

Chart of the Week
November 25, 2020

Chart of the Week 11.25.20

The Queen’s Gambit Has Been A Global Hit, Breaking Into Netflix’s Top 10 List In 92 Countries

Chart of the Week
October 28, 2020

Chart of the Week 10.28.20

Netflix Is Reorganizing Their U.S. Executive Content Teams Into A More Streamlined Structure