Investor Day Highlights
January 17, 2020

Peacock (NBCUniversal) Investor Day

A summary of NBCUniversal’s Investor Day where they provided more insight into their DTC strategy, including details on Peacock. 

As you can probably tell, we like the idea of zigging when others zag.” - Steve Burke

As the streaming wars ramp up, Comcast/NBCU has thrown their hat in the ring with their own Direct-To-Consumer service, Peacock.  As others have looked to emulate Netflix and heavily invest in premium original content to drive subscribers, it’s refreshing to see a different strategy.  Learnings from their 10+ year ownership in Hulu has seemed to guide NBCU’s thought process, as the similarities between the 2 services are clear.  Peacock will cater to the existing linear audience through a robust offering of next-day access to in-season programming, as well as live news and sports content.  The upcoming 2020 Olympics will provide a massive springboard for the launch of the service by interspersing unique short-form content, live events, and on-demand replays with the promotional reach of the broadcast network.  But in the long run, the success of the platform is ultimately based upon NBCU’s ability to transition advertisers from linear to digital.  They have already taken steps to combine the inventory, making it easier for ad buyers, but it will take time to develop the new tech platform.  By offering a free tier, customers can use it at their leisure, with no pressure of having to choose between OTT subscriptions.  The additional consumer value of bundling the premium tier with MVPDs helps support the linear ecosystem, which is Comcast’s main business.  Peacock’s objective is to provide an aggregated platform for audiences that have already shifted their viewing habits to on-demand, which plays to the core strengths of Comcast/NBCU, without having to make significant upfront investments.


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